Agudath and Notre Dame Share History and Respect on Israeli Trip
Led by Agudath Israel's Rabbi Alan Silverstein and Education Director Susan Werk and Notre Dame Pastor Rev. Anthony J. Randazzo, the week-long trip began on January 29 and included members of both congregations. For many participants, the chance to …

Bill Expanding Tools Against Wolves Headed to Idaho Senate
Elliot Werk, D-Boise, echoed state agency concerns that the bill's passage would jeopardize Idaho's ability to manage its wolves. At a Monday hearing, Jonathan Oppenheimer from the Idaho Conservation League pointed out that the federal government had …
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Posted at 3:26pm Friday 24th Feb, 2012 | By Boardat Werk
Animals are the source of much amusement for their owners and in the YouTube age they are amusing for anyone with a computer and too much time on their hands. I had too much time on my hands today (don't tell my boss) and while surfing the net at work …
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