Humor, sarcasm vary among world languages on campus
Around 1580, a backward question mark was suggested to denote sarcasm or irony when written, but Winke said she thinks an understanding of a different culture's humor depends entirely on the context. “In English, we express irony or sarcasm through …
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CJ: Martin Short softens Gifford gaffe with humor
Short said he does have Kardashian humor for his performance in the home state of Kris Humphries, whose divorce or annulment from Kim Kardashian is fighting its way through the California legal system. "Unfortunately, I have lots of Kardashian humor," …
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Mitt Romney Debate Advice From Newt Gingrich: 'Use Humor'
"Reagan and Kennedy both had this wonderful knack of using humor to make points," Gingrich wrote. "President Obama is a detached, often stiff person who overestimates his competence (the next time you see a story on the Middle East remember he got a …
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